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I started playing Sonny for the third time, I think it is. It's such a fantastic game with a great story line, and I'm thinking I'm going to make it into a readable story, just for fun. Take all the elements of the game, and put them into literary form. Plus, I could just listen to the soundtrack over and over again.

If you haven't played this game yet, go play it. Absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait for the third, because I believe there will be another.

Sonny 2:…


United States
Hey, my name is Sarah, or GreenFrames! I love drawing and writing, which you could've guessed. Still starting out as an artist, but getting better everyday, like everyone else!

All I ask is that if you don't like something I do, just walk away. No need to comment. And if we could limit the swearing - my little sister likes to view my art using this profile - that would be fantastic.

If something magically wills you to ask me to draw something, go ahead and ask. I get little, if no inspiration to draw while at my computer and tablet, as opposed to on a trip without it. But I might not know what something is, find it out of my abilities, or just maybe say no. But every suggestion is appreciated.

Please don't take any of my art without permission, and even if you do, at least give credit where it's due.

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